The costs involved are a fraction of 2 stroke karting. A second hand race-ready kart can be found from anywhere between R15k and R25K. There really is no advantage to buying new as we run a hard compound tires. With this tire the difference in a new or used chassis is marginal, most of our races are won by old karts. We run a very even playing field, with engines dyno’d and sealed all to the same spec and a weight limit of 185kg for kart and driver. So the racing is very close and competitive.

A brand new replacement Honda engine cost about R6000 incl.
A set of tires is R3500, We limit teams to 4 sets per year
Race entry fee is R1300 per race, R1100 if you enter early
Brake pads cost anywhere between R300 and R800 per set depending on manufacturer (Hard brakes can last 3 race days)
Allowing for petrol, oil and a few spares for accidents you are looking at
+/- R4000 per race

So based on a 3 man team, each driver is in for +/- R8000 for a good second hand kart and then about R1400 per person per month to race.
Obviously like anything in life you can scale your team up or down, with many teams coming in cheaper and some teams spending a lot more…
You also need to consider things like a lap timer, trailer, helmet, rib protector and gloves (you don’t need a proper race suit, our rules allow for long
trousers and long sleeves)