F400 Sprint (New)

F400 Sprint Challenge is relatively new and growing rapidly. This category caters for drivers who either don’t have any teammates or prefer individual short format races.

Sprint races may run separate or within the F400 Endurance races with the same spec karts and engines. Sprint and Endurance karts will all line up together and start races at the same time. The only difference being that if the sprint race is 20-30 minutes, a different colour checkered flag will mark the end of the race for Sprint drivers only (Currently a yellow and black checkered flag). The Endurance drivers will continue to race until the end of their race.

Teams may enter both the Sprint and the Endurance with the same kart (two transponders) and may have different drivers in the 3 heats. Teams who are already entered & paid for the Endurance series shall get free entry into the Sprint Series.