F400 Endurance Class
F200, F300 & F400 Sprint Classes
F200, F300 & F400 Sprint Classes
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Experience the thrill and exhilaration of motorsport through F400 Karting

The F400 Karting Challenge provides an affordable, yet competitive series, to improve access to the sport and afford a greater audience the opportunity to participate. Children and adults from age 6 years’ and upwards may participate, with 6 different categories to enter into. The competitive nature allows the growing of driver skill, to move into more advanced motorsport events.  F400 provides the best value for money racing series currently available in South Africa! 

News / Announcements

Alternative Engine Finalised – 14 February 2022: EXCITING news!! As you may be aware, the Honda GX390 H1 engine is no longer available in South Africa. We have been working with the dyno team, doing extensive testing on a suitable alternative.

We are happy to announce that the Torx XT390 has been approved as an alternative engine to the Honda Gx390. This engine is a 100% identical generic version of the Gx390, and performs identically on power and torque delivery as well as acceleration runs on the dyno.

A standard new boxed engine will be supplied at R5950 per unit, including the correct thin ring piston and rings. This doesn’t include extras like machining, clutch, exhaust etc. Engines can be ordered from Philip Jones, Roelf Coetzee or Jimmy Tebbutt. We have been given an undertaking from the suppliers of guaranteed consistent supply of this engine for the next 5 years. 

About the Series

The series offers individuals and companies an opportunity to compete in karting at a level comparable to the top series, while not being burdened by huge expenses and service commitments between races.

The F400 Series takes place at the Formula-K, Zwartkops and Vereeniging Kart Circuits as well as one annual away-race at iDube. Even on revisiting the same circuits, track layouts are varied to keep it challenging. 10 Events are hosted throughout the year (roughly 1 per month).  

The format is also structured towards offering corporations an opportunity of entering staff or client teams, while still remaining competitive in the League. 

About the Karts

F400 is a standardised series where chassis, tyres and engines, are standardised with no modifications allowed. All Karts are required to be CIK approved. This allows for a fair race, where driver skills and kart setup provides the competitive advantage. This can be seen in the extremely close racing whereby the top 10 karts are often separated by less than a second! Two engines are currently used for the F200: A Hoffman 212, and for the F300 and F400: A Honda GX390.

Getting started:

What you need

WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED WITH KARTING IN SOUTH AFRICA Getting started in motorsport can be a daunting task with all the requirements, rules,

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How it Works

So you bought a kart, you have a Honda GX390 engine and you have Registered with the series, now what? Read and learn our Rules

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The costs involved are a fraction of 2 stroke karting. A second-hand race-ready kart can be found from anywhere between R20k and R35K. There really

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Setup Guide

This setup guide is here to assist you in achieving the best results possible. Kart preparation in any form of motorsport is KEY but in F400

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Reach out to the club organisers if you require more information, and have a look through our resources on the information hub section of the website.

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