What you need

WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED WITH KARTING IN SOUTH AFRICA Getting started in motorsport can be a daunting task with all the requirements, rules, and technical specs to get your head around. It is well-advised to speak to the Chairman, Race Secretary, or members of the committee to help you. Please read our Rules […]

How it Works

So you bought a kart, you have a Honda GX390 engine and you have Registered with the series, now what? Read and learn our Rules Enter each and every race, there are 10 a year (See Calendar) You need to make sure your kart is within the F400 specifications, our Official Suppliers can help. The […]


The costs involved are a fraction of 2 stroke karting. A second-hand race-ready kart can be found from anywhere between R20k and R35K. There really is no advantage to buying new as we run hard compound tires. With this tire the difference in a new or used chassis is marginal, most of our races are […]

Setup Guide

This setup guide is here to assist you in achieving the best results possible. Kart preparation in any form of motorsport is KEY but in F400 it’s even more vital as endurance racing takes its toll on even the most well-prepared kart. Just a comparison:One F400 Race day is the equivalent to Four National 2-stroke Events […]