Dyno Testing

Required: Engine Dyno Testing

All engines need to be performance-checked and sealed before the third race of the season. This needs to be done for every season. Please see below on how to book a Dyno slot for your engine. 

1. Testing of all engines will be done on the official Dyno by the technical committee (at their premises in Glenferness, Midrand)

  • The correct drive ratio must be set for the correct class.
  • The cost of Dyno certification will be R400, excluding additional costs or charges.

2. Engine preparation prior to bringing your engine to the Dyno:

  • All required bolts used to seal the motor pre-drilled.
  • Chainguard and exhaust manifold and silencer removed.
  • The throttle assembly must be fitted and fully functional.
  • Engine mountings, fuel pump and clutch with the correct ratio must be fitted and fully functional.
  • Engine oil must be fully drained.
  • A 1 litre (F400 & F300) or 500 ml (F200) sealed container of 5W40 full synthetic engine oil, irrespective of brand, must be supplied to be used for dyno testing.

3. If any of the requirements of 2. are NOT met:

  • An additional R150 prepping fee will be charged to prepare the motor for testing.
  • Where no oil is supplied or the container is not sealed 1l of Total Quartz 9000 5W40 will be supplied and used for the dyno test, at a cost of R200.
How to book a Dyno Slot:

Please view the Calendar to see when Dyno testing sessions are taking place. Choose a day that is not yet fully booked, and either:

  1. Email f400dyno@gmail.com to reserve a slot (day and time)
  2. Whatsapp Roelf on 083 258 3000
  3. No walk-ins or additional engines are accommodated on Dyno days