How it Works

How it Works

So you bought a kart, you have a Honda GX390 engine and you have Registered with the series, now what?

  1. Read and learn our Rules
  2. Enter each and every race, there are 10 a year (See Calendar)

You need to make sure your kart is within the F400 specifications, our Official Suppliers can help.

The most important items to check are:

For each and every race you will receive via the official F400 WhatsApp group  the Final Instructions.

The Final Instructions give you the race formats and the race schedule as well as any other info about that particular event.

Race days start at 07:00 with documentation, this is where all paperwork is done, proof of payments, numbers for your kart, collect your transponder, etc. Then we move onto scrutineering where we check to make sure your kart is ready to race, scrutineers will advise if anything needs to be done on your kart before it will be allowed on the race track. But if you read our rules and your kart complies with the technical specs laid out within them you will be fine. A drivers briefing will be held for all drivers, this is where the clerk of the course will brief the drivers on any safety concerns or procedures of the day, he will also ask all new drivers to stay behind after the briefing to make sure new drivers understand the rules, flags, etc.

Each event will consist of a Free Practice, a Qualifying Session, and then 3 heats. The heats may vary but are usually:

Heat 1: 75 min (with a mandatory minimum of 2 driver changes)

Heat 2: 75 min (with a mandatory minimum of 2 driver changes)

Heat 3: 120 min (with a mandatory minimum of 4 driver changes)

After the last race, all karts remain in Parc Ferme for a quick inspection, some engines may be taken away for spot checks on the dyno, these will usually get tested the week after the race, thereafter the engine will be returned to the team.

The day is finished off at about 17:00 with prize giving, where you will receive your trophy!

Trophies are awarded to the top 3 finishers of the day.