What you need


Getting started in motorsport can be a daunting task with all the requirements, rules, and technical specs to get your head around.

It is well-advised to speak to the Chairman, Race Secretary, or members of the committee to help you.

Please read our Rules very carefully.

To get started the four main things to do are:

Buy a kart and engine (check out our Official Suppliers page or try Facebook).

Get a WOMZA license and optional insurance, if over 50 you may need an ECG scan from your doctor.

Register your team and drivers with the series online. You will find the registration form linked in the menu.

Enter each and every Race Online. You will find the race entry form linked in the menu.

You will also need:
  1. Helmet
    • Any SABS approved full-face helmet will do
    • Avoid using Motocross helmets
    • CMR helmets are recommended for minors
  2. A kart suit, boots & gloves.
  3. A rib protector and a neck brace are also recommended.
  4. A kart trolley and fire extinguisher.
  5. A set of tools
  6. Trailer or bakkie to get your kart to and from races and a place to store your kart.

Then the last thing you will need to do is Practice, Practice, and Practice some more.

See the Track Page for contact details to find out when they are open for practice.

Karting South Africa
Karting South Africa